Revoltech 10 Proto-Type 00 5.5" - Evangelion Evolution

45,43€ EUR 69,90€ EUR

Action Figure do Prototype 00 do filme Evangelion 2.0 pela Kaiyodo.

Tamanho: 14cm

Info do Fabricante:

The Revoltech EVA Unit-00 is back! Standing about 5.50 inches tall, the Revoltech EVA Unit-00 is jointed like crazy for all kinds of insane action poses! It's equipped with two extra upper arms, two extra forearms, and an extra right thigh with "bandages," and twelve interchangeable hands, an umbilical cable, an AT field, two chest effects parts, a piece of the Tenth Angel, and a really big N2 missile! It's also got a display stand set with two joints to show it off to its best advantage.

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