MODEROID Savage Crossbow 1/60 - Full Metal Panic!

Good Smile Company
29,90€ EUR

Model Kit Moderoid Savage Crossbow do Fumm Metal Panic! pela Good Smile Company.

Escala: 1/60

Linha Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Ano de Lançamento: 2018

Info do Fabricante: 

  • The model is approximately 1/60th scale, standing approximately 130mm when upright. 
  • The cast is divided into three colors: white, navy blue and grey allowing it to look great when put together without the need for additional paintwork.
  • The model makes use of PS plastic and all joints are articulated when built. 
  • It also includes various weapons including an assault rifle, "Boxer" scattershot and HEAT Hammer. 
  • Decals for the various markings of the Savage are also included.