D-Stage 014 Thanos 6" - Marvel (Ver. Comics)

Beast Kingdom
29,99€ EUR 39,99€ EUR

Estátua de Thanos dos Avengers: Infinity Wars pela Beast Kingdom.

Linha D-Stage

Tamanho: 15 cm

Info do Fabricante:

In time for the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios, Beast Kingdom releases statue based on retro and classic scenes from Marvel Comics as part of our D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection.
With his Infinity Gauntlet, the Mad Titan Thanos has the power to decide the fate of the entire universe. Regardless of whether in the movies or the comics, he will give the fans a real bloodfest! Going back to the classics, we give you the most extreme and savage tyrant of the original comics.
The special paint and the multi-layered painting technique make the scene and character even more lifelike.